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Swart Legal Conflicts solving when needed, preventing if possible

When searching for a qualified dutch attorney in Eindhoven, it is likely that you will be directed to Swart Legal (the new name of Advocaten). This experienced team of dedicated employment lawyers provides a high standard of quality and customer satisfaction. The founder of this firm Mr. Marco Swart insists on his personal involvement in all cases. You can expect sharpness in the courtroom and beyond with Swart Legal representing you. Mr. Marco Swart is a specialized and inventive employment lawyer with a series of notable successes in the courtroom. Mr. Marco Swart has developed a belief that many labor disputes can be easily prevented by making clear and unambiguous agreements. To guarantee quality and to avoid conflicts, he has developed a tool known as Legal Scan.

Focus on dutch employment law

Swart Legal focuses on dutch employment laws within companies and aids in the prevention of their conflicts. In other words, Swart Legal helps to create conditions for sustainable cooperation between different parties. Whether it comes to labor relations, self-employed relationships, shareholder agreements, partnerships, staffing, secondment, outsourcing or contracting.

Our promise to you is to prevent the wasting of time and money for the things that you or your company experience along the way. Our firm works with both entrepreneurs and employees. In addition to that we work with multinational companies and insurers. We are also well versed in the knowledge of manufacturing industries.

Legal Risk Management

Because business conflicts can take up time and energy we find it most productive to work towards prevention of these occurrences. Swart Legal therefore developed a number of tools that aid in this process such as Legal Risk Management and the Legal Scan Labor. To further explain we submit existing contracts and other vital business documents to a stress test. We investigate and assess our findings in order to best fulfill your contracts and legal obligations. We find whether the agreements that you are properly recorded so that you can confidently state if there is a conflict.

Our experience shows that most conflicts would not occur if the cooperation agreements were legally and correctly recorded. The Legal Scan has already proven its practical utility for a large number of client.

Conflict Resolution

When there is a conflict we will first determine what is your involvement as well as what your legal and negotiating position are. Then we can attempt to negotiate on your behalf and if necessary initiate legal proceedings. Our proven successful approach is to solve problems with the experienced labor lawyers of Swart Legal. Our lawyers promise to solve labor disputes quickly and expertly. Ask us how we can help solve your issue.

Clarity about your risks and opportunities

Our collaboration starts with an intake interview. One of our experienced employment lawyers will ask the necessary critical and incisive questions to get all the relevant facts on the table. On that basis we will make a proper assessment of your risks and opportunities with the opportunity to choose your rights. This is always the starting document for our legal strategy.

Find comfort with the knowledge that price agreements are clear with us in advance. And of course we always look for a favorable balance between costs and expected returns. Our companies primary goal is to find customer loyalty through proven quality and customer satisfaction.

Ask us for our approach in your situation. You can meet with us at one of our convenient locations in Eindhoven, Enschede and Roermond.


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Ik heb Swart Legal leren kennen als een heel betrokken en meedenkend kantoor met een heel persoonlijk karakter. De focus ligt ook echt op het leveren van toegevoegde waarde, en tijd wordt efficiƫnt besteed, zowel van mij alswel van Swart. Het voelt echt dat het kantoor loyaal is aan de klant.

Success stories We've proven our quality as employment lawyers many times

Customer forced to pay

One of my clients is a pharmaceutical company that manufactures, inter alia, garlic supplements. After my client had supplied one of its customers with a delivery, the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority ruled that, based on a new measurement method, this delivery contained too high a degree of contamination. Incidentally, at the same time, there were discussions within the European Union regarding whether or not the maximum level should be higher. Even so, the customer desired a new supply, to which...

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The careful architects' firm

Commissioned by Eindhoven municipality, an architects' firm supervised an extensive district rejuvenation project. After completion of the project, some residents questioned the way in which this architects' firm had been involved in the pricing. They argued that the architects' firm had agreed to too high a price with the wrong building contractor and that they wrongly omitted to stipulate discounts with them. They summoned the architects' firm, after which this firm engaged me to conduct its defence....

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Books Now available:

Throughout the last 20 years Dutch employment lawyer Marco Swart has published articles about actual labour law issues in several magazines. Furthermore Marco has published two books wherein he looks in a humorous way at the relationship between employers and empoyees, at the same moment readers learn about the Dutch Civil Code. Both books are readily available (in Dutch) through