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Quality level

Quality level

In July 2007 Swart Advocatuur voluntarily subjected itself to a quality audit. In the audit, the auditor, appointed by the Dutch Bar Association, established that Swart Advocaten satisfactorily complied with the high quality standards. The 2007 Quality Standard, which Swart Advocaten complies with, includes high quality requirements regarding intakes, performance, and the conclusion of your assignments. We are also subjected to periodical intercollegiate assessment, we organise weekly meetings on professional matters, we continuously monitor and evaluate customer satisfaction regarding our services, we subscribe voluntarily to the Complaints and Disputes Arrangement for the Legal Profession, and we set great value to clear understandings. Any necessary representation is warranted by our intensive collaboration with Maes Advocatuur of 's-Hertogenbosch (NL).

Over the past few years Mr. Swart was intensively involved in the development of quality care in the legal profession - out of personal interest. On 2 April 2003 Mr. Swart - along with four other lawyer's offices - received a mark of quality on behalf of the office for which he was working at the time. It was the first mark of quality to be awarded to a lawyer's office in the Netherlands (see photo). Because of Mr Swart's personal interest in and commitment to this type of quality care Swart Advocaten has continued to live up to the strict standards in the spirit of this mark of quality since its foundation in March 2007. At present Swart Advocaten has conformed to the (different) quality standards that have been developed by the Dutch Bar Association since. The declaration that was presented to Swart Advocaten after the audit is proof of the fact that Swart Adocaten meets these standards. 

Books Now available:

Throughout the last 25 years Dutch employment lawyer Marco Swart has published articles about actual labour law issues in several magazines. Furthermore Marco has published two books wherein he looks in a humorous way at the relationship between employers and empoyees, at the same moment readers learn about the Dutch Civil Code. Both books are readily available (in Dutch) through