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The careful architects' firm

Commissioned by Eindhoven municipality, an architects' firm supervised an extensive district rejuvenation project. After complet...

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Bank misses out

Ten years after my client had ended her cohabitation with her then partner, she was approached by the SNS bank about a negative ...

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The aftermath of the BSE crisis

My client is a supplier of calves to calf fatteners. My client also supplies the feed for fattening those calves. It gives its c...

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Customer forced to pay

One of my clients is a pharmaceutical company that manufactures, inter alia, garlic supplements. After my client had supplied on...

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Bank eventually cooperates with debt restructuring

My clients ran a pub. They had secured financing (a loan) to the amount of € 125,000 from the ABN Amro bank for this purpose. Ho...

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Financial consultant liable

My client had a financial intermediary draw up a personal financial plan in 1996. This plan basically involved this intermediary...

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Builder whistled back

One of my clients had engaged a builder for an extension to his home. The builder was to install a dormer window. He had charged...

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