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Are you looking for a specialized lawyer in labor law and resignation, contract law or liability law? You find yourself at the right place. Our experienced team, consisting of 6 professionals, goes for the best results, the highest quality and maximum customer satisfaction. In short, it happens because our team make it happen.

Advisory services and litigation

Swart Attorneys has specialists with over 20 years of experience in a broad-based (international) consulting and process practice. Do you want to manage potential conflicts before they do any harm? Or do you find yourself in an escalated conflict? Hire us if you want to have a professional lawyer that excels in creativity and conflict management. Our lawyers get things done, no matter what it takes.

Experts in co-operative relationships

Our expertise focuses on all forms of cooperation. Consider creating and terminating (flexible) employment relationships, but also temporary workers, secondment, payrolling, ‘zzp’ contracts (self-employed persons without employees), commercial agencies, partnerships, companies, shareholder relationships, trade relations and statutory directors. Certainly also during troubling conditions such as during sick leave, disability and when held responsible for damages.

Fight to win

Our lawyers fight to win, both for you and for ourselves. That is why we do not pick every fight. But if we do, we will be passionate, show eagerness and show professional excellence in every case. That is why mainstream media and law journals publish some of our brawls. Also, our many positive customer reviews are a result of our realistic estimations (see below).

Clear Rates

Rates are clear in advance. For regular legal services, our lawyers use fixed rates. Customized rates are also negotiable. It is our premise that your returns should always be able to outweigh the costs.

Intake is free of charge

Also take a quick look at our practical and thorough approach. Our cooperation always starts with a free-of-charge conversation. Upload your documents right away, and you'll get free advice on how to approach your conflict. Or visit our overview page for many our much-needed services.

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If you are smart, pick Swart (!) and ask us how to approach your conflict. Please meet us at one of our offices in Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Enschede or Roermond. Go to our page with contact details for more information or call 085 - 020 10 10 and ask for Marco Swart.


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prima samenwerking welke geleid heeft tot een perfecte oplossing

Vanaf het eerste moment had ik een goed gevoel in Swart Legal, en dan met name in de aanpak zoals voorgesteld door Dhr. Swart (Marco). Er werd doelgericht naar een oplossing toegewerkt waarbij de input van mij als client ook gewaardeerd en verwacht werd. Marco was heel duidelijk in zijn benadering en gaf ook duidelijk vooraf aan wat er eventueel voor resultaat te verwachten viel. Dat dit dan ook daadwerkelijk bereikt werd was voor mij geen verrassing. Met dank aan Swart Legal (Marco) voor de uiterst professionele ondersteuning en het behaalde resultaat. Ik hoop je ooit in hoogsteigen persoon nog eens te ontmoeten, maar voor nu hoop ik jullie voorlopig eigenlijk even niet meer nodig te hebben. :-) Nogmaals dank voor jullie hulp Rudy Jussen


Financial consultant liable for investment losses

My client had a financial intermediary draw up a personal financial plan in 1996. This plan basically involved this intermediary advising my client to effect an investment mortgage. This meant that an extra mortgage loan would be granted for the surplus value of the house and that the loan provided would then be used completely for investment in shares. From the estimated investment returns, a large part of the house expenses could be financed.  ...


Customer forced to pay

One of my clients is a pharmaceutical company that manufactures, inter alia, garlic supplements. After my client had supplied one of its customers with a delivery, the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority ruled that, based on a new measurement method, this delivery contained too high a degree of contamination. Incidentally, at the same time, there were discussions within the European Union regarding whether or not the maximum level should be higher. Even so, the customer desired a new supply, to which...