Terms and conditions of employment


Changes terms and conditions of employment

It can happen to anyone. You have a flourishing business, but due to the economic recession the bottom has fallen out of your pr...


Employee housing

"Forty years ago, we allowed one of our production staff to occupy a house belonging to the company. He pays us an extremely low...


Dress codes

In recent times much attention has been focused on the Islamic headscarf, Jewish skullcap and Christian crucifix. In our multicu...


Holiday leave

"My employees are busy making holiday plans for next summer at the moment. Soon the holiday forms will start trickling in again....


Social Media

Use of social media is increasing exponentially. Twitter now has over 106 million registered users worldwide, with more than 300...


Changing labour relations

What are the trends going to be for personnel management in the years to come? From an employment law point of view, how will co...


Cross-border labour

Hiring a foreign worker is no easy task. Neither is posting an employee abroad as an expatriate. When you bring in workers from ...


Company Director

As a company director mandated under the company’s articles of association, you occupy a special position in employment law term...